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Article Marketing Tips for Newbies: 3 Simple Keys to Remember When Writing Your Article

When you decide to use Article Marketing in promoting your affiliate products, you will need this Article Marketing tips for newbies as writing article can be very daunting for some people as it is all about writing about something, and me in particular as I have never written an article before. But if you are serious about Internet Marketing, this is one task that you need to be skilled at since you will be writing about the products you want to promote and you will have control on the content. Writing articles is the most consuming part in Internet Marketing and it can take you hours to write a single article. It should only be at the beginning, believe me, but once you get the hang of it, you can write about 5 articles in one sitting. Although you might want to start writing about something that you are interested in or something you know about so it wouldn’t be as hard when you’re starting. So, hopefully these article marketing tips for newbies will help you to get started in your first article and when you write your article the process can be broken down into these 3 simple keys to remember:

1. Keyword Phrases. Keyword phrases or a keyphrase is a very important part of your article as this will determine your chances of getting listed on the top pages of the search engines like Google, Yahoo, or MSN. Paying attention to your keyphrases is the one of the most important article marketing tips for newbies. Keywords are the actual words that people type into search engines when they are looking for something online. And Keyword phrases are actually the long tail keywords that your article will focus on when you started writing.

2. Article Layout. One of the article marketing tips for newbies that some people miss when they started writing is having an article layout. It is important to layout your article in paragraphs that identifies the topic you wish to discuss and it serves as your guide as well so you don’t get out of focus. Let’s say for example you are writing about Online Dating. Your format would be like this:

a. What is Online Dating?

b. Benefits of online dating

c. How will online dating help you

d. What are your personal thoughts on dating online

e. Lastly, how you will join online dating

3. Keyword Density Another article marketing tip for newbies is knowing your keyword density. Keyword Density refers to the number of times a specific keyphrase appears within the body of text and is represented as a percentage. Keeping your keyword density between 1-3% is optimal and you want to keep it at that otherwise the search engines may categorize your article as being keyword spam. To determine your keyword density, take the number of times your keyphrase appeared in your article, then divide that by the total number of words your article has, finally multiply it by 100 (%) to get the percentage unit.

And there you have it. Some article marketing tips for newbies to take into consideration before you start writing your articles. Take note of that and see how your article climbs up the search engine results pages.